Tatkal Reservation

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What is tatkal? :

‘Tatkal’ is a Hindi word which means instant or immediate. Tatkal reservation scheme in Indian Railways is a fast-track mechanism for booking tickets for trains. There is a Tatkal Passport Procedure for availing passports urgently too. Tatkal scheme is being adopted in various fields but is mainly popular for tatkal reservation and tatkal passport service. There is also a tatkal scheme for advertisers wherein the complaints made to the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) will get resolved in short time. This tatkal scheme is a mechanism to resolve the disputes between advertisers on immediate basis.

Introduction To Railways Tatkal :

Tatkal reservation is a scheme introduced by Indian Railways for booking tickets on urgent or immediate basis in Sleeper Class, AC Chair Cars, 3 Tier AC and 2 Tier AC Classes in almost all Mail/Express trains in India. The idea behind the tatkal reservation is to help passengers book tickets during an urgency and not suffer unavailability of tickets during the urgency. But to get tatkal reservation you may need to pay a little extra premium to the railways. Tatkal seat availability and be known and tatkal reservation in trains start two days before the date or journey. For tatkal reservation of tickets you don’t need proof of identity at booking time but the passenger may be required to furnish ID such as a PAN Card, Passport, Driver's License, etc. during the journey. Passengers can check the tatkal seat availability and also have tatkal reservation under the tatkal quota, online or from the reservation counters. There are specific number of tatkal seat availability in every coach of trains known as ‘tatkal quota seats’. If the Tatkal seat availability is not filled up, it is released to the Wait Listed passengers with no extra premium to be paid. But tatkal seat availability during peak season is again very difficult as the tatkal quota gets filled very soon.

Introduction To Passport Tatkal :

Tatkal Service is a scheme available for issue or re-issue of Indian passports. Tatkal Service is a fast-track service for applicants who want passports through the tatkal passport procedure urgently out-of-turn. For availing the passport through the tatkal passport procedure applicant have to pay a little more than the usual procedure. Applicants need to submit all the tatkal passport documents like application form, proof of ID and address proof along with colour photographs with white or light background and fees. The tatkal passport procedure processes the applications on the “first in – first out” principle.  Requests for delivery of passports in 1-2 days are considered under exceptional cases of medical emergencies for this they still need to go through all the tatkal passport procedure, submit all the tatkal passport documents and go through police verification too. There are certain cases too where in tatkal passport is not issued. The Tatkal passport procedure is the same as regular procedure but you may need to require some extra tatkal passport documents mentioned below apart from the tatkal passport documents mentioned above. The passport is delivered in short period after the verification of all the tatkal passport documents.

  • Proof of emergency
  • Copy of confirmed air ticket